Bike Education

In collaboration with Recycle-A- Bicycle, we offer cyclist enthusiasts of all levels free DIY lessons that keep costs at a minimum and them on the road.

Bike Advocacy

We actively collaborate with local government officials, urban planners, and cycling organizations to advocate for the development of safe cycling infrastructure in underserved areas.

Our Pillars

Community Outreach

We actively engage with local communities, hosting events, workshops, and educational programs that promote cycling as a means of empowerment and well-being.

Advocacy and Awareness

We advocate for increased representation, equality, and safety within the cycling community. By raising awareness of the challenges faced by people of color, we strive to foster a culture of understanding and empathy, ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard.

Infrastructure Development

Our goal is to create accessible pathways, bike lanes, and recreational spaces that enable people of color to embrace cycling as a mode of transportation and recreation.

Educational Programs & Giving Back

We provide educational resources, training, and opportunities to empower individuals from marginalized communities to become confident and skilled cyclists. By equipping them with knowledge and tools, we aim to break down barriers and foster a lifelong love for cycling.

Stay in the Lane

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